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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions
That get you results.
Buying & Planning

Who better to design and buy your media than a team that’s being doing it for over 25 years? Our media buying dept will allow your company to gain access to the media rates that only a major player in the market can provide. This will ensure you a cost efficient and effective campaign.


Media Placement

The best creative Media in the world won't work if your target audience is never exposed to it. Media Planning is much more than picking a radio station that you think your target is listening to. Let us show you how powerful placing your campaign can be with the right media placement.




​Great print ads seem to be a lost art. But yes, many of your customers still read newspapers and magazines, and print can still make a huge impact. It's not just what you say...but how you look while you are saying it. Find great success with our custom designs and professional copy.



A smart radio campaign can make your phone ring and your website buzz, very quickly. Unfortunately, most who try and don't succeed here and blame it on the medium. We'll show you how to reach your target audience and win BIG on the radio.



TV is still a powerful medium...but only if your spots can leave a positive impression. To do this, you need our award-winning creativity and a fresh campaign strategy. When done right, TV provides a very powerful ROI and is still the best way to build your brand.


Campaign Strategy

Critical analysis is at the heart of our success. We take the creative element and turn it into a marketing machine. We will study and learn your product and goals inside and out. We utilize that information to generate a fine tuned media strategy and rollout plans poised to draw maximum consumer response.


Web Design

Everyone wants a cool website...Our custom designs are refreshing and award winning. We offer you much more than a typical website. Our unparalleled technology is iPad & iPhone friendly. And best of all, our websites are interactive and come fully optimzed for search engine rankings! 


Video Production

TV commercials, viral videos, corporate videos, presentations, and webinars...all you need is the highest quality production in order to achieve the highest quality results. Don't take short cuts here. We will produce a world class spot for you that will draw powerful results.


Digital Marketing

OK, so now you have a great website, but no traffic and no results. We will optimize your presence on the world wide web! Our proprietary SEO/SEM methods can get even the smallest businesses to the front pages on all of the search engines. Let us show you how much business you may be missing out on.


Social Media

There's nothing worse than getting somebody's attention, just to have them see that you only have 29 followers. People like to be where the action is. We'll create custom and branded fan pages for you on the most popular social media platforms, and help you get thousands of targeted followers.



Great photography brings out the magic in people and products. It takes imagination, perfect lighting, the right lens, and of course, superb post-editing. Put away your iPhone camera and let us show you how to make your best assets shine.


Audio Production

The right voiceover production, music bed, and jingle can make or break a campaign spot...regardless of the medium. We provide world-class voice over and production talent that will make your spots sound like you spent millions...and leaving your audience impressed.


Branding & Identity

Nothing screams "buy me!" like an effective company identity. Branding is the expression of the essential value of product or service. It is communication of the characteristics and attributes that clarify what your product is. Your branding is what sticks in the public's mind and makes them loyal customers. 


Talent Licensing

Sometimes a familar face or voice is the most effective marketing tool. If you are looking to utilize a local, national, or global talent to promote your brand we can help you find the right personality to take your company to the next level.


Reputation Management

What people say about your business is an extremely important reflection of your company’s quality, reliability, and skill. 70% of global consumers indicated that they trust reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions. We can make you shine with a 5-star reputation.


Event Management

Entertain clients and provide incentives to your top employees with the ultimate VIP experience. We will manage every detail of your next 5-star Corporate Event with premium sports seating, exclusive entertainment, first rate travel, and world class accommodations. 


Tracking & Reporting

Our proprietary tracking software puts all important data and repoprt variations at our fingertips. We will track your media buying, planning, analysis, and creative traffic, tying all relevant information back to response mechanisms and sales data.



Growing consumer markets are primed for new products and services. It’s critical to establish your brand and stand as an enterprising leader. Our marketing specialists will analyze your ideas and implement powerful marketing plans that deliver success.


Creative Design

Our skilled and inspired team can create a concept, develop it, design it, script it and film it with ease. Our post-production services include 3D graphics and animation that will make your production value soar. Our services are world class, and can be tailored to fit all budgets.


Professional Content

Top-quality content integrated in all media platforms will give your brand the very best chance to engage with your customers. A strong content strategy will provide your customers with a seamless journey from interest to discovery to sale.


Billboard Ads

If you need to make a big impact in your local area, outdoor advertising can raise your company's profile and deliver results. You don't have to tune in, click onto it, or turn a page. Billboard ads are a welcome distraction to highway commuters. They put your message right in front of your potential customers. 


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